Scary falls stuns crowd at Funambula

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - There was a minor scare in the Beau Rivage theater Thursday night.  A performer with the cirque-style show Funambula fell from a high wire, and needed to be taken to the hospital.

Annaliese Nock suffered minor injuries when she tumbled off a high wire about 30 minutes into the Thursday night performance.  Nock is the daughter of the show's star Bello Nock.

Several witnesses contacted WLOX News immediately after the fall, wanting to get information about the entertainer's condition.

The fall stirred up images of a recent accident in Las Vegas, where a Cirque du Soleil performer died moments after falling off her apparatus.

Fortunately, as the Beau Rivage show was ending, Bello Nock came out and told the crowd Annaliese was okay.  Emergency teams transported her to Biloxi Regional Medical Center as a precaution.  But, according to Nock, she only suffered minor scrapes and bumps.

The Funambula show runs at the Beau Rivage through August 11th.

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