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Burglary victim says abandoned homes attract criminals

Love believes the problem is a group of young men who are living in abandoned houses. Love believes the problem is a group of young men who are living in abandoned houses.
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The burglar bars are wide open and the doors damaged by a crowbar at Tracey Love's Rosslyn Avenue home. She says burglars stole her jewelry and "the food out of my refrigerator." She says several other neighbors have also been hit.

Love believes the problem is a group of young men who are living in abandoned houses. She has reported at least one of the houses to the city without any results. 

"Abandoned number one, abandoned number two, abandoned number three, and abandoned number four, and we're surrounded by those abandoned houses," said Love.

The west Jackson resident says it's not uncommon to see people outside of the abandoned homes near her house. There is trash and the burns where a fire was built in front of one of the homes. Love says if she had known they were abandoned, she would have called 911 and reported the young men.

"There's drug activity. You see people entering and exiting the homes. You don't know the homes are abandoned because you don't see the homes boarded up the way abandoned homes should be," explained Love.

According to Love, there is no official neighborhood watch but everyone in the area tries to look out for one another. She says police patrol Rosslyn Avenue but very rarely stop to talk with residents.

"When they come out, go talk to the neighbors and say hello. She's reported a break-in. Did you see anyone around this house or near this house? I know that they say a lot of times that people don't talk, people don't respond, but these people are willing to respond and you're not knocking on their doors," claims Love.

Love has lived in the home for four years. After six burglary incidents, she says it's time to move. She hopes by speaking out, it will help the neighbors that have decided to stay.

Jackson police say no arrest has been made in the case.

Ward 4 Councilman De'Keither Stamps says the street is not in his ward, but his office has contacted constituent services to help Love concerning the home she has complained about.

The confusion came from a map on the city of Jackson's website and Love's voter identification card that indicated she was in Ward 4. The city's ward lines have since changed through redistricting.

Stamps was out of the office and at a community meeting when WLBT sent an email to him seeking comment. 

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