Some Pascagoula residents outraged about flooding

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Sonya Lett moved into a home on Tupelo Avenue four months ago.  And already, one point has become obvious.  "Every time it rains, this ditch fills up with water and comes into my yard and I'm tired of it," said Lett.

Thursday was one of those days.  Rain fell in Pascagoula, and streets become small rivers.  "This is the third time that ditch done flooded in four months," said Lett.

Pictures Lett took during previous floods show why her family had to evacuate before flood water reached her home.

Dinines Slaughter has lived right down the road for 30 years.  He said it hasn't always been this bad.  "Katrina came through and of course the yard flooded, everyone flooded in," said Dinines. "Right after Katrina, there really wasn't a problem, drainage seemed to be okay. But in the last three years, it's gotten progressively worse. Now, it doesn't have to be a major storm and we've almost got water in the house."

WLOX News made several efforts to contact leaders in Pascagoula's public works department late Thursday afternoon.  We wanted to ask about Mrs. Lett's drainage issues.  But, as of this morning, those calls have not been returned.

Residents say when it's been dry for a while, Tupelo Avenue can be pretty nice.  But, as soon as the rain starts falling, these roads become dangerous.  "Last time it flooded, you had a lot of cars that got flooded up in here," said Lett. "One car got stuck in this lady's yard."

According to Slaughter, "This is the worst that it's been in 30 years and it's not getting any better."

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