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Hinds County has new drug dogs

HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hinds County has four relatively new drug dogs, one of which helped with a marijuana bust earlier this week. The dogs are two year old Liberty, two year old Chaplain, eight year old Bullet and eight year old Kai.  

Liberty, bought for the sheriff's office by Liberty Bank, sniffed out 10 pounds of marijuana in a spare tire near Edwards Wednesday. Chaplain was involved in a $176,000 drug bust two weeks ago.

The dogs have helped in  the confiscation of $750,000 in cash and they didn't cost the county a penny.   The dog program in hinds county is run by Chief Deputy Chris Picou, an experienced dog handler.


"When a dog comes up and there is marijuana in a gas tank, well he knows both those odors," said Picou. "He still smells the gas which is the stronger odor, but his nose breaks it down where he is able to smell the marijuana which is contained in that gas tank."

Picou says dogs are essential to law enforcement these days. Eight year old Bullet has found 15 cell phones recently in the  jail, by smelling the lithium batteries in the phones. Eight year old Kai, who has worked in Afghanistan, is their attack dog.  

Picou says the advantage of a dog is that you can call it back if a prisoner decides to surrender.

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