WLOX Editorial: Actions are heroic

We often hear words like courageous and heroic to describe the actions of people who put the protection of others before their own safety. Courageous and heroic describe dozens of people who helped save lives in the crash landing of Flight 214 in San Francisco.

The flight crew, firefighters, paramedics and many of the passengers themselves, helped get everyone off of that burning plane. But we thought the actions of San Francisco police officer Jim Cunningham bare repeating.

Officer Cunningham raced to the crash bringing with him an ambulance he flagged down on his way to the crash. Cunningham, who had no protective fire gear, cleared debris blocking a hole in the fuselage and went inside the smoke filled plane. He later justified putting himself in danger telling reporters quote, "it didn't look like they had enough people. I just knew people were trapped in there, I just thought, I'm kind of a tough guy. I can hold my breath if there's a lot of smoke."

We agree with you officer Cunningham. You are a tough guy. One of many tough guys who when the moment arrives demonstrate uncommon valor.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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