Page 13: Latest cirque style show at Beau Rivage

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Imagine three motorcycles traveling at high speed inside a dome around a woman twisting from a rope. Or trapeze artists flying through the air. Or a contortionist doing incredible things with her body.

You don't have to imagine it, you can see it in the Beau Rivage theater with the sensational circus production, Funambula. "We have an amazing team of international, award winning artists" said Misha Matorin, President of Dreamcast Entertainment.

He has brought his latest cirque style show to the Beau.  He said even he is amazed and awestruck by the performances, "I'm a third generation circus artist. I've seen everything. Sometimes I can't even watch what they're doing. I'm amazed by this level of artistry. They are all daredevils."

Funambula's star, Bello Nock, has taken his hair raising stunts to new heights in this show. Nock does a stunning high wire act and serves as the shows official tour guide.

The word Funambula has Latin roots. "It means wire walker and that means balance. We take you on a journey to show you all the tests and abilities of human talents," said Nock.

The heart pounding Funamubla, at Beau Rivage through August 11th.

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