Drivers anticipate opening of Sangani Blvd flyover

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Drivers ready for a bit of relief to traffic congestion in D'Iberville will have to wait a little bit longer than planned. The Sangani Boulevard flyover was originally scheduled to open next week. However, that's changed. MDOT officials said because of recent heavy rain, paving that was supposed to start last week won't happen until the end of this week or possibly next week.

Still, knowing the Sangani Flyover is close to opening is creating a lot of excitement for drivers tired of sitting in traffic.  Teena Francisco works at a dry cleaners on Sangani Boulevard. She hears more about traffic than shirts and suits.

"People just complain all the time about the traffic and how bad it is," Francisco said. "Bumper to bumper. How long it takes them to get from here to the Promenade over there it could take you 10 or 15 minutes to get through the lights, get through the traffic."

The flyover promises to cut travel time getting from one side of Sangani to the other.

MDOT's Gabe Faggard said, "Right now traffic going across there has to cross 67 down at grade level. By elevating it we can move a lot more traffic over that Highway without having to stop for Highway 67 and I-10 traffic."

But do drivers think the overpass will help relieve the traffic mess? Business owner Bob Thunelius said yes. "The flyover opens access between both sides of Sangani Boulevard, between the Promenade and this side. I think that will be good for everyone involved."

"I don't see where it's going to help," said Ronald McDonald. " Looks good. Looks pretty but I just don't see it. Not the way they've got it configured."

Francisco said she thinks customers will appreciate the change. "I think it would help because people could get across faster. Because it's having to get across these lights and all that's really slowing them down. But once that throughway goes and they can get over there quicker there's nothing to stop them."

Some drivers said everyone will just have to wait and see. "I'm not sure about the flyover. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the concept," said Irene McIntosh, D'Iberville resident. "But I will tell you widening Sangani and getting that finished I think really will help with the traffic."

MDOT officials said the new overpass should open in a few weeks with weather permitting.

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