Snowbirds Not Happy With Sale

It's no secret why the Gulf Coast is a destination for northerners looking to play golf in much warmer conditions. Well one of those options, Edgewater Bay Golf Course, will soon be taken away from them, and it just happens to be an option they really like.

Wayne Ohnesorge is from a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota and says, "This has been so handy, and reasonable and you just can't beat it for someplace to come down and play golf like we do."

Millie Sabo and her husband Joe have been playing on the coast for the past 12 years. "We've golfed different courses at various times,but we like this one the best."

Joe Sabo says, "We're here because of the cost, the proximity to where we're staying and the socializing in the years we've joined here we've got to know so many people that come down here every year."

Like the folks who live in the area, these golfers don't want to see the land used to build a neighborhood. They say the wonderful moss covered oaks, wide open fairways and the course that some have been playing year after year will be missed.

Barbara Ohnesorge says, "I really hate to see this beautiful land turned into a neighborhood I really hate to see this one go."

Millie Sabo says, "We're disappointed and it's a beautiful course I mean it needs some work on it, but it's really nice, we like it."

An interesting scenario that could play out on the coast is what it's closing will mean to those who come down to play it. After talking to many snowbirds you'll get various reactions. Some won't come back, others will, and most will wait and see.

Wayne Ohnesorge says, "See if we can find another course around that we can get to and use, but if we can't, then we're just going to have to start looking for something else."

His wife Barbara says, "We may not be able to find another place, but we'll look."

Hearing this kind of confusion by snowbirds isn't a good sign.  According to the Gulf Coast Golf Course Association, about 30 percent of the rounds of golf played on the coast are by tourists. Between September 1999 and August 2000, 75,000 rounds of golf were played through hotel packages.