Flooding frustrations rise on Moss Point's Rose Drive

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Imagine every time a hard rain falls, you worry if your house will flood. People who live on Rose Drive in Moss Point don't have to imagine that scenario. It's a reality they live with several times a year.

It was quiet Tuesday on Rose Drive, but the remnants of a flood 24 hours earlier are plainly visible. Two inches of rain fell and left the street impassable.

Sheila McCovery lives here.

"You walk out here and it's just had a little light rain and you don't even know that you're flooded in. You walk out and find out you can't go to work. That's one of my main frustrations," McCovery said.

New Moss Point Mayor Billy Broomfield says fixing the drainage on Rose Drive is now a top priority.

"I've had to go through that only once and I know how frustrated I was. And so having to go through that each time it rains for two hours straight. It's just unacceptable," the mayor stated.

Obviously, the constant flooding on Rose Drive is a major inconvenience to everyone who lives, but it's also a major expense as well for one single reason.

S.L. Webster lives here as well.

"I got a letter from my insurance company just the other day so the insurance premium has jumped from $297 to $1,200 something so it's unbelievable the situation that's going on down here," Webster lamented.

He also said it's not only expensive, it's dangerous too.

"Looks like the health department should come out here and take a look because we have raw sewage when there's flood. The water doesn't have any place to go," Webster said.

The mayor says a solution is in the works, but people who live here have been promised help before with no results. They are skeptical. One of them is Johnnie McCreary.

"When I see it, when I see it," McCreary said. "I've gone through eight mayors and they told the same story. We're going to do this. They brought the Corp of Engineers out here and we're going to do this. We're going to do that."

Doing anything is all that the people who call Rose Drive home want for their water covered neighborhood. Mayor Broomfield says the project to repair drainage in the area will cost about $1.2 million with most of the money coming from a FEMA grant. Work could begin sometime in the Fall.

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