High School Football has become a year-long process

V-J Magee is one of 19 St. Patrick High School football players training under hot, steamy conditions, preparing for the upcoming 2013 football season. Magee and teammate Jordan Skinner run the stadium steps trying to get in the best physical condition.

Magee is going to be a sophomore in the fall and he received loads of experience last season. Despite his youth, he wants to be a leader by example.

Magee said, "I'm one of the few freshmen from last year that started so I feel like I have to show my teammates to go out there and have fun, try your best and you will make it work."

Skinner is a 5-11, 220 pound 8th grader who has set high goals.

"Like Tim Tebow says hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard," stated Skinner. "There are a lot of players better than me so I work my best and harder to beat the talent out there."

Jordan is following in the footsteps of his dad, Frank Skinner, a former Biloxi High School offensive lineman who played on the 1984 Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College National Championship team.

Frank Skinner said,"My dad had a major passion for football. My dad was James Skinner and he died a few years back." He added, "That passion didn't really come on strong with me and my brothers, the lover was there, but the passion wasn't and Jordan has a tremendous passion for football."@

Frank Skinner is pushing his son to be the best he can be and they made a special tee-shirt with a meaningful slogan.

Jordan said,"To be the best you have to do more than the rest and my dad has helped me push myself."

If you look closely at the Tee-shirt you'll see the Florida Gators mascot and the NFL Draft logo....

Jordan wants to receive a scholarship to Florida and wants to be drafted into the NFL, that's his vision and that's his goal

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