St. Martin neighbors fed up with drivers using road as racetrack

Nora Foster watching vehicles speed past her.
Nora Foster watching vehicles speed past her.

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - Some St. Martin residents say they are fed up with the speeding through their neighborhood. They live along Big Ridge Road which is patrolled by the sheriff's department.  But, since deputies cannot use radar, residents say it's easy for drivers to ignore the speed limit signs. One neighbor is now calling on the board of supervisors to help.

Nora Foster said usually drivers use Big Ridge Road as a racetrack.

"He is doing 50 or 45 and speed limit is 30," Foster said about a passing vehicle. "This car is slowing down because it doesn't want to be on camera."

Foster said recently two vehicles crashed into her front yard, and she captured it on her cell phone.

"We had a truck airborne coming at us a week ago from Sunday," Foster said about the accident.

Neighbor Donna Fox is also fed up. She says there have been at least four to five accidents all due to speeding. "I live on the corner down there and they have ended up in our yard and they have ended up in our neighbor's yard," said Fox.

Hoping to get folks to slow down, Nora Foster took her concerns to the board of supervisors.

"It is one of things that falls on law enforcement and the sheriff department not being able to run radar in the county areas. This is one of the old rules that used to be because they were worried about sheriff's departments using to generate revenue," Supervisor Troy Ross said. "I know every year our sheriff's department goes to Jackson to push for radar."

Foster told the board if nothing is done to put the brakes on speeding, there will be more wrecks in the future.

"It has gotten to the point where people are almost hitting kids," Foster said.

Due to the constant complaints, Jackson County has put out this speed deterrent, but residents say they are not sure if it will actually be effective. Supervisors say they will request deputies beef up patrols in the area to decrease speeding.

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