Mother grieves over slain son, shot to death outside club

Xavier Monroe. Image source: Andrea Coker.
Xavier Monroe. Image source: Andrea Coker.
Eula Monroe Walker
Eula Monroe Walker

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The mother of Xavier Monroe says her son was simply, "in the wrong place, at the wrong time". The 25-year-old was shot to death following a scuffle outside Eclipse Lounge in north Gulfport early Sunday morning.

Family and friends have been gathering at the Orange Grove home where the 25-year-old shooting victim grew up.The Harrison Central graduate leaves behind a large and loving family.

"This is Xav. That's his sister. That's me," said Eula Monroe Walker, as she shared photographs of her son.

Family has always been a priority in Xavier Monroe's life.

"Family first. He had a tattoo that said, "Family first". Cousins that loved him to death. Sister, brother. I mean, he was just a loved person. Just at the wrong place, at the wrong time," said his mother.

It was outside that night club in North Gulport where a fight erupted in the early morning hours on Sunday.

"They was going the opposite way to get away from it. And somebody said, get a gun. And somebody ran and got a gun. One come from the one way and someone come from another say. And they was running. And he stopped running. They went back to check on him and he had, got shot," said Eula Monroe Walker.

"We're not only looking at this situation from a club owner perspective, I'm looking at it from a human being perspective," said club owner, Byron Johnson.

The owner of Eclipse Lounge said, "We have to stop the violence."

"My thought is, with this new open carry law, and people don't really understand it. It's creating a big problem between youth who don't understand the law. They're thinking they can carry a gun into a place until they're told that you can't bring it," said Johnson.

A grieving mother who lost her son to violence, has a thought for parents.

"Parents, get your babies. Hug 'em. Love 'em. One-year-old to 25, 35, 40-year-old. Love your kids. I love my family," she said.

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