MS Highway Patrol: I-10 west traffic backed up state line to state line

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Authorities are warning motorists, "If you don't have to be on I-10 westbound, avoid it." That warning comes after miles of traffic along the westbound lanes of I-10 created headaches for drivers Sunday.

Mississippi Highway Patrol Corporal Jason Gazzo said that traffic was caused by motorists heading home after the holiday weekend and more than a dozen wrecks.

"Mississippi Highway Patrol troopers are doing everything they can to get traffic moving," Gazzo said. "We're still dealing with traffic."

Gazzo said traffic got so thick that it didn't have time to thin out to make way for more vehicles.

"Traffic is backed up state line to state line on the westbound lanes of I-10. We keep having little fender benders or rear end collisions and you add the wet roadways in there with it," Gazzo explained.

Gazzo said there numerous hot spots of traffic throughout the interstate around the Highway 49 Exit 49 and Canal Road Exit 31.

"Another hotspot is near the Louisiana stateline," Gazzo added.  "Everybody is going home. The 18 wheeler accident backed up traffic."

He said Sunday's traffic has created a rubber band effect. Traffic gets going then it comes to a sudden stop causing rear end collisions.

"We worked more than 12 accidents on I-10 mainly from Highway 49 to the Louisiana line," Gazzo added.

Although the holiday weekend wraps up Sunday, Gazzo still wants drivers to use caution during the next few days of rainy weather.

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