Biloxi Catholics celebrate after Pope John Paul II cleared for Sainthood

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Becoming a saint is actually not that uncommon, according to Father Ryan, of Our Lady of Fatima, in Biloxi. He says the reason the Catholic community is overjoyed about clearing someone like Pope John Paul II is because of who he was to the Catholic Church.

"He is such a powerful figure in our current world and he spoke on topics that the church are struggling right now with," said Father Ryan.

Ryan says to become a saint you must live a virtuous life, and perform at least two miracles. These are miracles that must first be proven. The Catholic Church believes Pope John Paul II cured a nun of Parkinson's disease and when a Costa Rican woman had an aneurysm she prayed to him and was healed. Church parishioner, Dustin Sade, says it definitely calls for celebration.

"It's pretty neat to think that somebody in this century has been confirmed into Sainthood," said Sade.

The Catholic community here in South Mississippi is rejoicing. They say Pope John Paul II was a great leader for Christians and they can't think of anyone more worthy of Sainthood.

"Some say he will be called Pope John Paul II, the great, because of such a powerful witness that he was able to bring into our world and such a great change," said Ryan.

He traveled the world inspiring a nation, valued the youth and was a strong advocate for family. When he died, millions cried "Sainthood Now". Finally their prayers have been answered.

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