18-wheeler wreck halts traffic on I-10 westbound

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Traffic is bumper to bumper on I-10 westbound following an 18-wheeler wreck on the Wolf River Bridge in Harrison County around the 26 mile marker, according to Mississippi High Patrol Corporal Jason Gazzo.

Gazzo said Mississippi Highway Patrol troopers are on the scene and more are on the way. He said some traffic is being diverted onto the shoulder. Other vehicles are being diverted to Long Beach exit 28.

"If it backs up further we may divert traffic at exit 31 to Canal Road," Gazzo said.

Gazzo said traffic is also backed up on the eastbound lanes of I-10 around the area near the 18-wheeler accident.

"There are no accidents in those lanes, drivers are looking at the accident," Gazzo said. "When we hear an 18-wheeler wreck we cringe because there's no telling what's inside."

Gazzo said drivers can expect a minimum of one hour to clear the 18-wheeler off the road, depending on what the trailer is carrying. Wreckers are en route. No word on whether any other vehicles were involved or any injuries.

Law enforcement agencies have worked numerous accidents this weekend. They urge motorists to use caution and driver slower over wet roadways.

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