A weekend for pet freedom, one and all

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - This week has been all about celebrating independence and that freedom is not limited to just humans.

The Humane Society of South Mississippi (HSSM) was giving everyone on Saturday the opportunity to give the gift of freedom to a furry friend through, "Four Hours for Freedom".

Meet the Ahlgren family with their dogs, 9-year-old Abbey and 2-year-old Jack.

Proud parents Bruce and Tina knew where to come to find the fifth addition to their family.

"We've been really lucky with the two that we got here, they're both well behaved. One's 9-years-old and the other's 2-years-old, so we just wanted to expand out and give the younger one a little romp," Bruce Ahlgren of Long Beach said.

Jack was eager, lacking no energy and making friends instantly. It's animals like him, and countless others, that make the "Four Hours for Freedom" an even bigger attraction. With waived adoption fees during the event on Saturday, almost every kennel was marked, "adopted."

"Part of the 'Four Hours for Freedom is just to save as many lives as we can," said HSSM Operations Director Tracy Reis. "With the over population that we have, of course we want to move the animals out into great homes as quickly as we can."

A new home for kitten Carly can look no further than the arms of 8-year-old Bella McClain. A girl who says cats are her best friends.

"Because they're comforting and they're soft and sweet," McClain said.

But 4-year-old Kennedy Robinson would rather get a new dog because she likes the sounds they make.

"Bark, bark," said Kennedy, with a smile.

Sweet faces like these are what makes Jack know he's in his element, hoping a new brother or sister will soon experience the same freedom he's come to love.

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