Despite being legally blind an Ocean Springs 14-year-old competes in track & field

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - If you look closely at a practice session, you wouldn't know that one of the youngsters training has a form of Macular Degeneration.

14-year-old Veronica Foerg is legally blind. That hasn't stopped the Ocean Springs youngster from competing in track and field.

Veronica said,"I kind of felt nervous because I'm kind of different from everybody so it gets difficult, but I work my way through it."


Veronica attends the Mississippi School for the Blind.

Her grandmother, Leah Lizana, says they had no idea Veronica couldn't see clearly until the 4th grade

Lizana said, "She couldn't read the board and different things and we had to fight doctors to have her diagnosed. She has macular degeneration."

Foerg participates in the high jump, long jump, triple jump and the 100 meters.

Her coach, Rico Griffin of the Youth Xpress Track Club... says she's an inspiration to others.

"She will be the first one to tell you, hey... don't treat me like I have a disability," Griffin stated. "I definitely feel other kids can look to her for an inspiration if they have a problem or any kind of what you consider a handicap. Just come out and do your best."

Lizana added,"She was scared at first and she realized that she had the ability to do it and the courage and she's been in a lot of things.

Veronica Foerg sums it up best.

"Even though you can't see at least try... because that's what I've done and I've succeeded."

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