Literacy Student Determined To Learn

As she works to distinguish the plural form of woman, literacy student Catherine Smith has made it through a year that she says has been both tough and rewarding.

"I know a lot more than I did when I first came in here," she says.

Catherine dropped out of school in 7th grade. When she joined the Gulfport adult literacy class last year, she could read only on a second grade level.

"What I couldn't do or didn't do at the time I'm gonna do it now."

Now she's up to reading on a 5th grade level.

"I feel good. I feel on top, I feel like I'm gettin' somewhere. I'm not givin' up," Catherine says.

With her positive attitude and her hard work, Catherine's instructor, Robin Clements,  says her progress is remarkable.

"She's doing a lot better and actually blew that last test outta the water, did really well on it. She maxed out on it."

Catherine is mastering her reading and she's also tackling another roadblock. She's solving simple math problems on a computer

"It helps me out a lot it comes in handy I mean you can learn a lot on this computer if you know how to get into it."

Now that she can do that, Catherine practices her math skills in the classroom and at home. Catherine's not sure what she'll do with her new found education. But she's determined to finish.

"Whatever comes next but the number one thing is gettin' that GED first and I'm workin' on it," she says.

Four hundred adults learn reading, writing and basic math skills at the Gulfport Community Education Center.