Summer carelessness means busy time for burglars

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - With people flocking to the beach and other destinations on summer vacations, they often let their guard down and become easy targets for burglary and theft. In fact, summertime is one of the busiest times for burglars.

Sergeant Jackie Rhodes with Biloxi Police department says people are often careless during the summer and because of that, they fall victim to burglaries.

In a row of 20 cars parked on the beach in Biloxi, five had their windows rolled down. With valuables inside, the owners would be easy targets. In burglaries, the criminal takes more than just physical items.

"It's an invasion of your personal space," said Sergeant Rhodes. "When somebody goes into your car and takes something or goes into your house and takes something that you've worked for."

Losing that sense of security is something Cara Adams knows all too well.

"We went out to the beach and I left my purse locked up in the condo and when I came back, the credit cards were gone. The money was gone," said Adams with a tear in her eye.

She was vacationing with her family in South Padre Island when she was burglarized.

"It took away my sense of security. It took away everything," said Adams.

Now, she's always careful.

"I always lock my car door," said Adams. "I check everything before I get back in the car to make sure no one is in the car. It makes you a little paranoid."

Sergeant Rhodes says most often robberies and burglaries are crimes of sheer opportunity. He says they're pretty easily avoidable, things like making sure your valuable items, things like your purse are with you at all times.

"They look in a car and it's just a car and they don't see anything to take. Odds are they're not going to break into that car or take anything from that car," said Sergeant Rhodes.

Sergeant Rhodes and Adams say you can still have a relaxing and fun summer, just don't be careless.Take every precautionary measure to ensure you're not the next target for a burglary.

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