Gulfport's first brewery taps its kegs

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The beer was flowing Saturday in Gulfport for the grand opening of Mississippi Brewing Company.  It's the first brewery to come to Gulfport.

"It just hit us. One night, we're going to make a brewery," said co-owner Samson Vasquez.

It was a decision that years later had cups overflowing at Mississippi Brewing Company. A sight Samson Vasquez calls a dream coming to fruition.

As the ribbon was cut, Vasquez and the other partners in the company felt even more confident that it's a project destined to thrive.

"We wanted to make some kind of beer that you could drink in the heat," said a partner of Mississippi Brewing Company John F. Dane.

"There's a lot more pride and a lot more time in us putting it together," said co-owner Alex Vasquez.

"Even more than cooking, you know, you make all the different recipes. You make the beer how you want it. Your beer is your beer. People will drink it one way or the other," said Samson Vasquez.

With three 45 gallon pots brewing in the back and lines stretching out the front, it seemed like a recipe that's right on target.

"So far very good. We've enjoyed sampling all day," said Lisa Krol.

While the owners share the same love and passion for beer, with seven different home brewed beers, they all have their individual favorites.

"Southern Light," said Samson Vasquez.

"Red-headed, step-child," said Alex Vasquez.

Overlooking Gulfport Lake, with a locally brewed beer in hand seems like a the clear recipe to bring a little extra hop to Gulfport.

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