Broomfield says bye to House, hello to Moss Point City Hall

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Billy Broomfield spent 22 years on the floor of the Mississippi House of Representatives.  But, on Friday, after voting on two Medicaid bills, Broomfield said goodbye to his friends at the state house, and hello to a new batch of friends at Moss Point City Hall.

On Saturday at 3:00, Broomfield will take the oath of office and officially become Moss Point's new mayor.  His swearing in ceremony is at the Moss Point High School auditorium.

Broomfield received 68% of the vote on June 4, easily winning the Moss Point mayor's race.  "I'm so humbled and grateful that you have elected me to take this city to the level it should be," Broomfield told supporters after his general election victory.  A month earlier, he won the city's primary, ousting incumbent Aneice Liddell.

Broomfield and the seven member board of aldermen will all participate in the swearing in ceremony.  The aldermen are:  Houston Cunningham, James Smith, Chuck Redmond, Robert Byrd, Shirley Chambers, Linwood Grierson, and Wayne Lennep.

To take over as mayor, Broomfield had to resign as the representative of House District 110.  That resignation became effective on Saturday.  Gov. Bryant must set a special election to fill the final two years of Broomfield's term.

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