Dempsey's shrimp and grits recipe

Dempsey's Shrimp and Grits


                                                                                     Shrimp and Crawfish Topping:
Grits                                                                                      Diced Onion
Water                                                                                    Diced Bell Pepper
Salt                                                                                       Diced Celery
Heavy Cream                                                                        Butter
Shredded Cheddar cheese                                                   All-Purpose Flour
Shredded Jack cheese                                                          Shrimp Stock
Black Pepper                                                                         Heavy Cream
Granulated garlic                                                                   Raw  Shrimp ( peeled )
Granulated onion                                                                  Crawfish Tails
Green Onion                                                                         Granulated Garlic
                                                                                             Granulated Onion
                                                                                            "Crab Boil" seasoning
                                                                                             Black Pepper
                                                                                             Fresh Basil
                                                                                             Fresh Oregano
                                                                                             Fresh Rosemary
                                                                                             Diced Yellow and Red Bell Peppers

Boil Grits in water and salt until done and a little thicker than breakfast grits.
Add heavy cream.
Add both Shredded Cheeses, Pepper, Granulated garlic and onion, and green onion.
Stir constantly until cheese is fully melted.
Spray a large rectangular baking pan with non-stick spray.
Pour grits into pan and spread evenly.
Let chill in cooler for approximately 45 min.
Cut into squares and deep fry each square until golden brown.

In a saute pan, melt butter and add diced onion, bell peppers, and celery.
Saute until onions are translucent.
Add flour to saute pan and stir until thick.
Loosen slightly with approximately a cup of shrimp stock.
Add heavy cream- sauce should still be pretty thick.
Add raw shrimp and continue to simmer until cooked through.
Add unwashed cooked crawfish tails- again sauce should stay thick
Add granulated onion and garlic, Crab Boil, and sugar.
Taste to test spice level- adjust more if needed.
Chop fresh basil, oregano, and rosemary and add to pan.
Add diced yellow and red bell peppers.
Simmer 10-15 min.
Pour over fried grits squares.

Information Source: Diane Hennessey