Gautier's new leaders take oath of office

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds of people gathered at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Banquet Hall to watch Gautier's new mayor, and its city council members take their oaths of office.

"On behalf of the mayor and council of 2013 through 2017, we welcome you," said Gautier City manager Samantha Abell as she welcomed the guests.

One by one, each newly elected person repeated the oath.

This night meant a lot to Gautier's new mayor Gordon Gollott.  "I'm going to continue being a public servant, promote the city of Gautier," said Gollott. "I'm going to put us back on the map. When people say, 'where is Gautier?' I want them to say, 'I've been there and I'm coming back.'"

Returning for a second term, Councilwoman-at-Large Mary Martin had goals in mind for the city. "A lot of revenue, a lot of businesses to come into us," said Martin.

One of the senior members of the city council is Hurley Ray Guillotte.  "When I make decisions in the city council, I see our city grow. I see it grow as a whole and not as a ward," said Guillotte, who took his oath for the fifth time.

At the other end of the seniority spectrum is Rusty Anderson.  The ward four councilman will serve on the city council for the first time.  "This is my first time in the political arena and I'm looking forward to serving my constituents in ward four," said Anderson.

Returning councilman Adam Colledge was enthusiastic about getting started, so he can accomplish what voters asked him to do.  "I've done my best to represent them the last term and I'm honored to be able to represent them for a second term," the ward five said.

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