One of world leaders in ATM production hails from Long Beach

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - The next time you use an ATM, there is a good chance the machine was designed and assembled in Long Beach. Triton is one of the world leaders in ATM production. In recent years, the company has expanded its products and services. Triton is making the ATMs of today and tomorrow.

It's a convenience enjoyed by millions of people all over the globe, instant cash and money transfers right at your fingertips.

"Having been with the company since '97, I'm amazed at the growth of ATM usage," said James Phillips, Triton Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

And a major player in the ATM market is Triton of Long Beach. Last year, the company produced about 11,000 of the popular machines.

"That's a lot of ATM machines.  We shipped 220,000 machines since we began. There are still a lot of people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast who don't realize there's a major ATM manufacturer in south Mississippi," said Phillips.

The company was started in Pass Christian in 1979 by three friends who were NASA engineers. Triton moved to Railroad Street in Long Beach, then, in 2000, the company set up shop in the Long Beach Industrial Park. It currently employs about 150-people.

"We have products in about 24 different countries," said Phillips.

Over the years, Triton has had to redesign its ATMs to adapt to new government regulations. For instance, ATMs are now required to have audio functions for the visually impaired. And eventually, all ATMs must be able to accept credit and debit cards with embedded chips instead of those familiar magnetic strips.

"It's going to be more secure cards for consumers," said Phillips.

The ATMs of the future can also perform more functions.

"We're also looking at quick pick lottos for those states that accept it. We're adding the ability to do charitable donations at our ATMs, and we're also looking at prepaid gift cards," said Phillips.

Triton has now migrated beyond ATMs. It's producing "Smart Safes" to securely store money, refurbishing older machines, and with an established production plant, Triton is working with other companies to develop their inventions.

"There's always talk of expansion. Hopefully, we don't move the facility again. We have a 88,000 square foot facility. I think it will accommodate anything that we'll be doing in the future," said Phillips.

In 2009, Triton added a division called "ATM Gurus" which provides parts, repairs, and training to any retail business that has an ATM.

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