Pascagoula Budget Calls For Flood Relief

Sherwood Street resident Stanley Weaver and his neighbor Eddie Chandler have more in common than just living on the same street.

Both men have seen the effects access water has on the neighborhood.

"I've been flooded twice. First time I has about 13 inches of water in my house. The second time I had better than 2 foot of water in my house," Eddie Chandler says.

"I've walked out my front door probably two feet and I'm flooded out that quick. Something needs to be done about this problem," Stanley Weaver says.

City officials say this ditch right here in the city park is to blame.

When the area gets lots of rain, this ditch floods.

That means nearby neighborhoods have no place for their water to drain.

But city officials say it shouldn't be a problem much longer.

"The drainage project has been long overdue, it's been a nagging problem for 30 years for the people out of the east part of the city, so hopefully we'll be able to get that fixed in the next fiscal year," Mathew Avara, Councilman at large, says.

Now that the next fiscal year's budget has been passed, the city can take the drainage plans off the paper and put them in place.

Pascagoula Mayor Joe Cole says once the retention pond is in place, east Pascagoula residents should notice the change.

"If they do something about it and correct the problem, it'll be fine with me. I just don't want to get flooded again,"Changler adds.

Chandler says he'll be watching to see if the changes really do fix the problem.