Gay community says Supreme Court decision is a game changer

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Not much has changed in Mississippi because our state does not recognize gay marriage. Mississippi voters passed a constitutional amendment in 2004 that bans gay marriage. However, those who advocate for gay marriage say the decision by the Supreme Court is a game changer.

Cheers erupted as the crowd chanted "No more DOMA." Wednesday's Supreme Court decision to strike down the defense of marriage act has brought great joy to the gay community in South Mississippi. Leiana Wortel, says she cried when she heard the news, but the joy quickly faded when, she said, she thought about how many discriminatory laws still exist.

"I'm hoping that the next step will be to turn down their discriminatory bans on marriage and not just marriage, but adoption and rights to work," Leiana Wortel said.

Wortel says this ruling means great things for the gay community and is definitely a step forward.

While most people are excited about the decision, some of the gay community is hesitant as to what Mississippi will do with the ruling.

Rafe O'Neal manages the bar and has been in a same sex partnership for 19 years. He says the decision is monumental for the gay community, but he still wished Mississippi would move forward with gay rights.

"Continue the good fight. I think this is a water shed moment for our nation as well as our area and I would like to see us move forward in the equal rights area," O'Neal said.

While Mississippi may not recognize gay marriage yet, folks at the Other Bar will take their victories as they come.

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