Incoming Pascagoula council gets jumpstart on improving the city

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Pascagoula's entirely new council will take the oath of office to lead the city next week. But the mayor and council are already holding meetings to brainstorm how to make Pascagoula bigger and better for the next four years. You can call it a meeting of the minds.

"I would like to talk about ways that we can strengthen the communication between ourselves as a board and the community," Mayor-elect Jim Blevins said.

Fresh new faces in the leadership roles are working together to improve Pascagoula.

"We have folks on the board that are from the legal community. We have myself and another one of the members in industry. We have an IT specialist on the board. We have folks that have been in the school system," councilman-elect Freddy Jackson said.

Although the diverse team has not officially been sworn in just yet, they said it makes sense to get familiar with each other and the city.

"There is so much for us to learn. Like what it means for us to run and operate a city, projects underway, budgets that you are looking at," councilman-at-large-elect Brenda Simkins said.

Each person was also full of ideas at Wednesday's meeting. One thought was increasing waterfront development.

"There is water all around us. Water attracts," councilman-elect Burt Hill said.

Improving recreation and touring ongoing economic development projects around town were also on the list of ideas.

"Andrew Johnson center and some of those places, I think a city tour would be good to see the projects underway," councilman-elect Scott Tipton said.

The mayor-elect wants to bring city business into people's living rooms.

"Every council meeting someone comes in and video the council meeting, and that is available via TV for the audience to see on a regular basis," said Blevins.

This future council believes being able to bounce ideas off each other and work as team will make them truly effective leaders for the next four years.

You can watch the new mayor and council take the oath of office Monday at 11 a.m. at the Pascagoula Senior Center.

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