Owner of beached sailboat working on removal

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Department of Marine Resources (DMR) public relations officer Melissa Scallan told WLOX News Tuesday that the owner of the beached sailboat in Pascagoula has been notified.

The partially sunken 22-foot sailboat has been stuck on the rocks in the Mississippi Sound on Pascagoula's Front Beach.

DMR says the sailboat's owner is making arrangements to have the boat removed. The sailboat is expected to be removed soon.

Scallan said the sailboat got stuck after the owner took it out on the water and there was an issue with it. She said it went aground and become stuck on Pascagoula's Front Beach. The boat was left there because the owner didn't have any way to move it, she added.

DMR learned of the sailboat last week. Since then, they had been working with the Coast Guard to figure out who owned the boat.

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