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Man arrested in Aberdeen shooting that injured child

ABERDEEN, MS (WTVA) - It's an incident that has many on edge in Aberdeen; a shooting that left a three-year-old boy in a Jackson hospital.

But its roots, according to Police Chief Henry Randle, likely started a week ago.

"The altercation from my understanding stems from a recent death that we had here in Aberdeen," said Randle.

Randle's referring to a 17-year-old male found dead last week in his home. Several residents who gathered outside the police department Monday said they believed last week's incident was a homicide, but police were treating it as a suicide.

Randle said the cause of death has not been determined, though, because they're still waiting on autopsy results.

Residents have said the person targeted in Monday's shooting could be the result of retaliation.

"The young man that was being fired upon was said to be the young man involved in last week's incident," said Randle. "As of right now, fingers are not pointing at him, but citizens seem to think so."

Police say Anthony Gary Strong, 34, opened fire at the other person, but instead hit a three-year-old in the shoulder outside an apartment complex. Randle says five to six shots were fired.

And even though the case remains under investigation, Randle says if it is retaliation, it needs to stop now.

"Basically what I want the citizens of Aberdeen to know is to please let law enforcement do its job," added Randle. "I know sometimes you may think it's not going anywhere. It might take a little too long, but there's no reason to rush something just because it's so important to you and your family."

Authorities say Strong was apprehended in Memphis before 7 p.m. Monday. It's not known what charges he'll face later this week.

The three-year-old child is reportedly in good condition at a Jackson hospital. No other injuries were reported from the shooting.

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