Walter Anderson Museum of Art helps Moss Point kids explore creative thinking

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - As schools face tight budgets, arts education is disappearing from some schools. The Walter Anderson Museum of Art has now teamed up with the Moss Point School District this summer to promote art and creative thinking.

Dozens of future Picassos and Michelangelos let their imaginations run wild at camp Monday in Moss Point. Instructors with the Walter Anderson Museum of Art also helped guide them on the creative painting journey.

"It is all about learning to create your own designs and learning to come up in your own head with something that will be aesthetically pleasing for you," Art Director Melissa Johnson said.

Next door, there were more young people getting their hands dirty making masterpieces out of clay.

"I rolled mine out and put leaves in it," one art student said.

The Walter Anderson Museum team said a United Way grant is helping provide the young artists with a free way to explore and experiment.

"As the budgets get tighter and tighter, art gets more and more restricted in schools. Art is an essential learning, and some children learn best with hands on activities," Johnson said.

These kids are not only exploring their creative side, they are also learning the importance of completing challenging projects from beginning to end.

"Some things take time and perseverance. One of the life skills is to put things in their own order and execute them all the way to the end. Then you end up with the product, the prize," Johnson said.

The instructors said they're committed to helping keep art alive for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

The students will also tour the Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs this week to learn more about art history on the coast.

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