Thousands line-up at Golden Nugget to meet 'Duck Dynasty' cast

Willie Robertson with Golden Nugget VP of Marketing Brad Rhines and Jep Robertson at the meet and greet.
Willie Robertson with Golden Nugget VP of Marketing Brad Rhines and Jep Robertson at the meet and greet.

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - They say birds of a feather flock together, and that was the case for the Robertson brothers of the hit A&E reality series 'Duck Dynasty'.

Fans lined-up around the new Golden Nugget Casino in Biloxi to meet Willie and Jep Robertson on Sunday. Sporting their 'Duck Dynasty' gear from head to toe, even those who had been waiting for hours found some excitement as they got one step closer to the doors.

Golden Nugget Vice President of Marketing Brad Rhines said he estimates between 2,000 to 3,000 people came over to the casino.

"We expected this to be a huge success and it far exceeded our expectations," Rhines said. "I know we had to turn away many, but we're looking forward to bringing them back and having it even bigger next year."

The newly opened casino had their hands full of anxious fans who filled the halls of the casino. Some even tried to get a sneak a peek without a mandatory wristband. Security had to cut the line off, and those who were turned away say it was worth a shot.

'Duck Dynasty' fan Ben Barlow waited in line with his family, but was told they weren't going to make it in.

"There were just a lot of people," Barlow said. "We're a little disappointed, but you know it's all good. We just didn't get here in time. Better luck next time."

But, that didn't keep him from reminiscing about his favorite episode.

"When they went turkey hunting. And this is maybe too telling, but the Red Light District that they created that was hilarious. When they set up the turkey decoys. It was awesome," Barlow said.

Wearing a Happy Happy Happy t-shirt, Steve Vickers began waiting in line at 9 a.m. and by 2:30 p.m. Vickers was just a few people shy from his meet and greet.

"My favorite character is Willie," Vickers said.

Vickers said he knew he couldn't miss out on this opportunity.

"I was impressed with all the people who came down to check us out. You know it's like that all over the country. I think the show has really resonated with the folks. It's young, the old. I think it's good having a show with positive moral values. So it's a show you can go around and watch with your kids and everywhere we go around the country people seem to show up," Willie Robertson said.

He said he likes coming down to the Gulf Coast especially since he's only a few hours away in Monroe, LA.

"Any chance I get to come down to the Gulf Coast, I'm there. I miss my vacation this year and so we had to film the show. So it's good to be back, at least I can see it."

The steady flow of people kept the Robertson brothers busy.

"We did a lot of autographs here. We try to get them as fast with an event like this.  Just to see and shake hands and take pictures. I think it's cool for the fans to be able to see us in person and you know we're all the same people. You know right here Southern people we just get to shake hands it's nice," Robertson added.

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