Scrapin' the Coast rides out of town today

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's considered the wildest show on the coast and it guarantees to bring in a crowd. It's called Scrapin'' the Coast. It's a two day event packed with low riders, hydraulics and one of a kind cars from all over the country.

Scrapin' the Coast is in full swing and the large groups of fans here are evidence of that. If the traffic along Highway 90 is enough proof that the event has brought in major crowds, just check the shirt sales.

"You wouldn't believe the amount of shirts we've sold today. The people are great. We have more than 4,000 shirts in there almost completely gone," organizer and founder of Scrapin' the Coast Eric Kendrick said.

With the shirts flying off the shelves in addition to the amount of tickets sold, the event's organizers are seeing green. This event was created about 10 years ago as a way to celebrate the Gulf Coast and bring car lovers together. Scrapin'' is only gaining more supporters and its organizers are glad about it.

"We had people lined up at 6 a.m. this morning. They were already to come in. We had to open the gates a little early just for the participants because of the amount of people that were on the streets. When we opened the gates this morning there was a line of people just waiting to get in here," Kendrick said.

There's no actual count as to exactly how many people are here yet, but already more than 400 cars have pre-registered. You can bet there will be all kinds of cars. For the car owners waiting inside for the crowds to make their way in, it's always a pleasure to show off their hard work.

As the event grows each year, so does it's roster of supporters. Just ask Ground Zero out of Austin, Texas. @

There are a lot of shows in Texas, but nothing like this. When you come to this side of the coast it's different. We like the atmosphere. Everyone around here, the people are really cool. It's a great family place. It really is a good time out here," Alberto Lopez said.

This is my first time being in the show, but I've been here twice. You get to do a lot of things that I couldn't do last year, like be part of the club and wear the t shirt and everything. Hopefully little kids will see our cars and follow our footsteps. One day we will come back and see their cars looking just like this," Car Club Member, LeShaun Kaigler said.

The organizers are grateful for the event's success and they're hoping to see it grow even more.

"This has been great for me. It's a great ride for us. I hope we can just continue with it and make it bigger and bigger and make it a wonderful event for everybody," Kendrick said.

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