Riding lawnmowers race around Lucedale track

LUCEDALE, MS (WLOX) - George County Motorsports Park in Lucedale hosts dirt bike and go-cart racing every Saturday, but they're also doing something a some may consider cutting edge. They are finding a different kind of use for lawn mowers.

There's no landscaping service at George County Motorsports Park, instead the fleet of repurposed, bladeless lawn mowers are practicing lawn mower racing.

"Dustin races a go-cart. Dillon races a go-cart and the rest race a lawn mower," said 9-year-old lawn mower racer Preston Albritton.

Lawn mower racing is similar to other forms of racing. Drivers maneuver around a track all they need is safety gear, a riding lawn mower and a need for speed.

"I got on my first go-cart maybe three weeks ago," co-owner of George County Motorsports Maggie Albritton said. "I loved it. I want a lawn mower though."

Many of the lawn mower drivers have grown up racing everything from go-carts to dirt bikes. Through their experiences these mow-it-alls say lawn mower racing is a cut above the rest.

"When I was a little kid I ran go-carts for years. I just got tired of working on them every single night and their fun to ride, but they just don't have the horsepower these lawnmowers do," Delaney Rhuehmkorf said.

"It's a family activity you bring your grandparents your aunts and uncles. Everyone can come and get involved," dirt bike racer Van Rayburn said.

Small kids are involved in this thrilling sport. During practice one 5-year-old Logan Neuman lost control and ended up over a hill putting his helmet to good use.

When asked about running off the track, Neuman said, " It didn't hurt me."

Despite the risks of injury, racers like Logan won't let that cut their career short; they get right back on the mower.

The racers compete on a mud track. Around 7,000 gallons is evenly poured on the ground before the race begins. If you are interested in learning more about the racing or taking part in the races. Click George County Motor Sports.

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