Jackson Co. residents encourage their neighbors to recycle

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A push is underway to get more Jackson County residents thinking more environmentally friendly. According to Waste Pro, only four percent of what they pick up curbside in Jackson County is being set out to be recycled. Supervisors are hoping if they make the process easier, people will be more willing to do it.

Some Jackson County residents said it's important to them that as little of what they throw out ends up in a landfill as possible.

"It's important to the ecology," said Bob Cox, homeowner. "We're going to end up using up the whole earth if we don't start to recycle some of the stuff back to it."

As part of a new contract Jackson County has with Waste Pro, 18 gallon recycling bins will be replaced with 35 gallon recycling carts which will have wheels.

Homeowner Anna Reid said, "I think that would help some of the elderly people who are struggling with the cases that they have now and to have something more convenient to help get it to the street."

Lids will keep the new carts from filling with rain water and keep recyclables from blowing out into the street. Another convenience for homeowners is no more sorting newspapers from plastic bottles from aluminum cans because everything can go into the cart.

David Ashton often has four full recycling bins.

"I wish a lot of the other neighbors would do that too," said Ashton. "You'll see a yard here with it out there and maybe one down here. If everybody did it, it would be a lot better."

Cox said, "I'm glad to see the county encouraging it. Everybody should be encouraging it. And if the county does it shows that they're thinking and I like that."

Most of the Jackson County residents we talked to on Saturday said they don't recycle, but maybe more inclined to with the changes being made. Meanwhile, Jackson County is working on ideas to promote recycling through PSAs, advertisements, social media, and education. 

"They need to make a little flyer and stick it on everybody's door. A lot of people, I don't know if they don't think about it," said Ashton.

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