Longtime casino workers excited by Golden Nugget transformation

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - At first it was the Isle of Capri Casino, then just the Isle. Now the Mississippi Gulf Coast's first casino is in phase one of a $100 million renovation project to become the Golden Nugget.

Bobby Carter, a long time casino worker, has been with the Isle for almost 20 years and is excited to be a part of the transformation.

"It's an incredible feeling. I've been through a lot of changes here at the Isle. We're the first hotel. After Katrina, we were the second casino to re-open. You just feel that ambiance and it's a great feeling to go through all this again," said Carter.

Along with many other Isle workers, Carter is excited to see all the great changes taking place. Though many haven't seen as many faces come and go as Carter has, they are still anticipating the guests' reactions to the big improvements.

Bradley Rhines, vice-president of marketing, said the new branding is big for the casino.

"I think people identify and recognize what the Golden Nugget brand is and what it means. Our customers have basically set our strategy for us. We've listened to their feedback. We see what they expect from this property and the brand, and that's what we expect to deliver to them," said Rhines.

Among the changes are a newly updated atrium, lounge and Party Pit, Asian cuisine, Starbucks Coffee, and a Morton's Steak House.

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