Pascagoula River Audubon Center helps connect kids with nature

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Instead of sitting indoors playing video games and watching television, several kids are spending their summer outdoors learning about the environment at the Pascagoula River Audubon Center summer camp.

From touring the wildlife on the river, to catching creepy crawly critters, the summer camp's goal is to give kids a fun outdoor experience and connect them with nature.

"It is all about turning our campers into mini scientists," Instructor Mozart Dedeaux said. "This year's theme is Entomology, or the study of insects."

These young people also got the chance to collect data on the bugs while learning how they communicate, eat, and even feel. Their creative side was also displayed as they built and painted bird houses.

"Because birds eat insects. We talked about that with the students and, there again it is, the food chain," Dedeaux said.

Camper McKenzie Hanson has enjoyed the hands on learning projects so far. In fact, she said she would rather be here than bored at home.

"Because I learn more things and it is really fun," said Hanson.

Knowing that these activities and the adventurers on the water are encouraging the young people to be good stewards of the environment is what really counts.

"It is important to teach them to be good stewards, because what they learn now, they will carry on to their adulthood and pass that on to their children," Dedeaux said.

A new $2 million Audubon Center is expected to go up on Arthur Street in Moss Point starting this summer. It will take about a year to build. Once finished, the director wants to expand the summer program.

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