WLOX Editorial: We agree, 'DMR do an annual audit!'

We now have the first report back on just how poorly managed the finances are at the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources. We don't think it could be much worse. Even the new Director Jamie Miller called it an environment that is susceptible to waste and abuse.

It looks like there was poor accountability to how money was spent. People were overseeing finances who apparently didn't belong in those jobs.

Now, the new director says there will be an annual audit. We were surprised to hear there wasn't an annual audit already in place.

So we agree, do an audit. Make the right decisions about spending money. In other words, somebody keep up with the checkbook. If the taxpayers ran their own homes and businesses like the DMR was running, I dare say they would find themselves broke pretty quick.

And now we find out that's exactly the case for DMR. The dept is already $600,000 in the hole this year and they're looking at a $2 million deficit next fiscal year.

We said it couldn't get much worse, well this is worse. It looks like the new director will put the right people on the right job. But Before the state hands over any more tax dollars, make sure there's someone there to look after the DMR checkbook.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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