Murder Suspect Behind Bars, Family Relieved

Tom Bonnett along with his two daughters, spent their Labor Day weekend posting "Wanted" pictures.

"I don't know, anywhere, anywhere, I have some tape," Angie Bonnett said as she tried to hang up another picture.

They've been taking it upon themselves to look for the man suspected in Travis' death, because they said the Moss Point Police Department wasn't doing enough.

"We were told that somebody is looking for my son's [murderer], they are on the job, but then when I tried to find out who is it, there was nobody out there looking for him," Travis' father Tom Bonnett said.

"It's a very time sensitive thing and I feel like they completely let us down," Travis' sister Angie Bonnett said.

"If it wasn't for us, nobody would even know. Half of the people we talked to said they knew the little guy," Travis' other sister Amy Bonnett said.

But now that Bridges is behind bars, the Bonnett family doesn't have to spend their time putting up wanted signs.

Instead they said they want to focus their attention on the court system. They want to make sure justice is served.

"I'll be there in the morning to face the judge when he faces to judge to tell the judge that I think he's a danger to the community," Tom Bonnett said.

Bonnett said if Bridges is found guilty, he hopes the suspect pays a heavy price.

"I think he should pay the ultimate price, my son paid the ultimate price and he was a good boy, he wasn't out there hurting nobody."

We may never know if the pictures played any part in Bridges turning himself in.

The Bonnett's said they are just relieved knowing the man charged in Travis's murder is not on the streets anymore.