Good Samaritans Open Hearts & Home To Frances Evacuees

Hurricane Frances left millions of Floridians searching for a place to stay. A Harrison County couple showed their generosity to complete strangers. This weekend David and Vicky Lester left word at the Welcome Center in Jackson County that they would take in evacuees who couldn't afford a hotel room.

Anxious to flee Hurricane Frances, musicians Dede and Tobi Briscoe packed up and left their Ft. Lauderdale home. The mother and son say they had nowhere to go.

"It's scary and you don't know what you should take," said Tobi Briscoe. What can I afford to leave?"

Then the Briscoe say they got their first taste of Southern Hospitality. Nearly broke and on the verge of sleeping in tents, they stumbled into the Welcome Center where David and Vicky Lester had left word that they'd be willing to help.

"We knew that there was someone who was willing to let us into their home," said Tobi Briscoe."We were shocked at first because we could believe the hospitality."

Although, both families admit being nervous at first, the Lesters and the Briscoes say it took just three days to become true friends.

Dede Briscoe said "They come bearing breakfast of pancakes and sausage in the morning and a wonderful dinner at night. We're just overwhelmed with how wonderful they've been to us. It's like we're part of their family."

The Lesters' son James, a sixth grader, is getting a music lesson and hi parents hope a lesson on the importance of kindness.

"I don't think we're doing anything spectacular," said Vicky Lester. "We're just helping somebody that needs help in hopes that if they run into a situation and they can help somebody one day, they'll help them."

This is the first time that David and Vicky Lester have invited strangers to stay with them. Meanwhile, Dede and Tobi Briscoe say they haven't heard whether their home survived the storm.