Moss Point High Test Scores Shoot Up

Moss Point High School has taken academics to a new level. A new tutorial program is helping students raise their Functional Literacy Exam scores.

Math scores went from 76.66 last school year to 86.55 this year. That's almost a 10 percent increase.

The students excelled in reading as well, increasing their scores almost 8 percent. The scores went from 83.9 to 91.77.

School administrators say the scores are better because of hard work and determination from students and teachers.

"We're really excited about it," Moss Point High School Principal Larry Fry says.  "We made a commitment at the beginning of the year with the students that we are going to raise our scores. Hopefully we will show as much gain as we did this past year towards next.  That is our goal."

Moss Point High is only three tenths of a point away from reaching the state average.