Downtown Biloxi businesses expect influx with baseball stadium

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Owners of businesses about to open in Downtown Biloxi believe if the baseball stadium deal comes together, they expect more restaurants, bars, and shops to get in the game. Some business owners said this is the boost the area needs.

When developers decided to transform the old American Legion building on Lameuse Street, they envisioned customers sitting on the balconies overlooking Downtown Biloxi while enjoying great food and live music.

Laura Bolton of Downtown Biloxi Development Group LLC said, "There is so much happening in downtown Biloxi right now and so much excited with possibly the new baseball stadium."

Bolton said a possible stadium deal makes the decision to set up shop downtown seem even better.

"More development and growth. That's what we need," said Bolton. "Our downtown area has a lot of visitors and the more family oriented amusement that we can offer for them the better for our Downtown area."

The Vieux Marche has long struggled to attract and keep businesses. Now a new nightclub is going in called The Level. The owner is renovating a large space and hoping people will come dance the night away after taking in a baseball game.

"It's going to bring in tourists. It's going to bring in locals coming down," said Owner Jerry Seymour. "When they get out they might come get something to eat. Walk downtown. If we can get this going with a few more restaurants and bars, like a Bourbon Street type set up."

If the stadium comes, these business people don't expect to be the newest additions to the area for very long.

"We've got a little catalyst going here. We'd like to build off of it," Seymour said. "So we have a couple of empty buildings. Tell people 'Come on. Let's get something going down here. The more the better.'"

Main Street Biloxi has endorsed the idea of bringing a minor league team to town. 

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