Jackson County Prepares For Possible Flooding

Crews are pilling up sand bags Sunday afternoon, so they doesn't have to when it's too late.

Someone else with the a similar plan is Louise Hicks.

This Escatawpa resident is waiting on sand to be dumped at her home right now.

Hicks says she has seen her previous home flood too many times, not to take these kind of precautions.

"One time when they opened the flood gates, the water got about knee high in my house, you could actually ride a boat through the neighborhood,"Hicks says.

Although she moved to a higher side of the street, she says she'd rather be safe, than sorry.

"I'm going to start putting out sandbags just as a precaution because I don't want to have to do that again,"Hicks adds.

But Hicks is one of the few people heeding the emergency flood warnings.

The Jackson County Road Department says they expected over 80 people to call today looking for sandbags, but they received only 1/3 of that in calls.

One Pascagoula resident says people probably won't stock up, until it's too late.

"It's too far off, they're looking at it in Florida right now. Nobody ever gets concerned until the wind starts blowing and the weather starts turning sour," Charlie Coakley says.

But County leaders say getting people to prepare early is the reason they announced the warning on Saturday morning.

"They expected a lot of rain from this storm Frances, so we're getting a head start on any flooding, because usually we are after the flood starts before we start hawling sand," Patteson says.

But for people like Hicks, hawling sand in the rain won't be a problem.

She says by the time any storm gets here, her home will be surrounded with sandbags, and she'll be gone.

If you'd like sandbags for your home and you live in a potential flood zone, you can pick up sands bags tomorrow and Tuesday at these locations.

Franklin Creek and the Forts Lake Fire Department, the Orange Grove Fire Department, and the Jackson County Fairgrounds.