Jackson Co. supervisors eye local limits on Open Carry Law

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Some Jackson County supervisors don't want to see people carrying guns in parks and other public areas, despite a new gun law in the state.

As WLOX has reported, starting July 1st Mississippians will be able to openly carry a gun and other weapons with or without a permit. County leaders want to create a local ordinance to keep weapons in check.

Some supervisors said they are very concerned on how to handle the possibility of a lot folks openly carrying weapons wherever they want.

According to the new law, it is still illegal to carry a weapon on school property. Private businesses will have to post signs saying "no weapons allowed." The sheriff of a county also helps decide if the law applies to all government buildings and courthouses, but supervisors say that still leaves a lot of public places wide-open.

"Our next meeting here there could be somebody walking in here with a gun strapped to their side," Supervisor Mike Mangum said.

Supervisors are now considering adopting an ordinance along with a proposed list of areas they want to restrict weapons.

"We are directing several members of our county to start to see what we can do, where we can limit and notify that there are no guns allowed, no weapons in the particular areas like county buildings, civic centers, ball fields," Supervisor Melton Harris said.

"We don't need guns at little league ball fields, where parents get excited and someone can accidentally shoot somebody," said Supervisor John McKay.

But with new law going into effect in just two weeks, supervisors are seeking more clarity on the issue soon before any final decisions are made.

"We need to make sure it follows the guidelines and make sure we don't do anything to inhibit people's 2nd Amendment right, "said Supervisor Troy Ross.

Supervisors expect discuss and possibly vote on an ordinance at the next board meeting July 1st, the day the Open Carry Law takes effect in the state.

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