Children Educated On Dangers Of Hurricanes

With Hurricane Frances serving as a dangerous reminder, the Red Cross is teaming up with a local business to educate young residents on the wisdom of being ready for the worst.

And where better to find young residents than a toy store.

Dedicated to the belief that we all should be prepared for any emergency situation, the American Red Cross is reaching out to help even the youngest of us understand how to do that.

Toys R Us is helping the Red Cross, with a Children's Disaster Preparedness Fair and Blood Drive.

"We're teaching them how to track hurricanes, how to make tornados. We're making weather watchers. And they're learning about Hurricanes, what causes Hurricanes, you know their effects, their wind pressures, all that. And that knowledge can go a long way, especially where their parents are concerned," said event coordinator Kasey Frank.

"Parents get so busy, they forget. Oh, we'll get that taken care of. Well yeah, the kids can do a good job of nagging them to be ready now," said Liz Gaulke, of the American Red Cross.

"We're trying to show children, well, what do you do with your pets? Things parents might forget. There's a lot of things as far as your emergency preparedness kits that you should have year round like a Hurricane Kit. Things that parents don't think about till the last minute. They also learning to understand other emergency's, as well as the equipment and skills used in those situations," said Jill Leggett, of the American Red Cross.

"Who doesn't want a baby sitter that knows CPR. I would if I had kids," said Frank.

"All they hear is the bad things and see the bad things afterwards and they can help be ready for it. They can help their parents be ready for it. That's what Red Cross does,. help people get prepared and help again when it's all over with," said Gaulke.