Group rescues injured Seabee in Biloxi's Back Bay

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A fishing trip along Biloxi's Back Bay quickly took a turn for the worse for one group Friday night. Blood stains mark the aftermath of the grueling night Thomas Leos, Sandy Miller, Joey Weidenbach, Bruce Rogers and Christine Weber became heroes.

"We were fishing on these benches over here and we heard a boat racing past, or saw a boat racing past without running lights full throttle," said Ocean Springs resident Thomas Leos.

That's when, they said, the boat hit a man swimming in the water.  Seconds later, Leos heard a voice calling for help. Sources say that man was Seabee Michael Crum. He was going for a late night swim in the Popp's Ferry Causeway.

"I came off the rocks here and started swimming towards the voice," said Leos. "Eventually I found him. It was about 50 feet away from that buoy over there."

Leos is not a lifeguard or an emergency responder, but he did everything he could to bring Crum to safety.

"I didn't throw him over my shoulder," said Leos. "I stayed beside him and kept holding him up above water and just kept swimming him up here to the rocks."

They pulled him out, over the rocks and into safety. That's when they realized just how serious his injuries were.

"He had two compound fractures and the blade had cut through his calf muscle," said Leos.

"Terrifying, it was very terrifying," said Joey Weidenbach.

They said his legs looked like they were dangling from his body.

"It was horrendous cuts," said Leos.

Leos remained humble and said he was just in the right place at the right time. But, this wasn't his first time to save someone's life.

"I gave my mother a kidney three and half years ago," said Leos.

It's that same attitude that drove him to help someone in a time of need.

"We're praying for you and glad that God had put us where we were so we could find you," said Leos.

"Keep your head up, man. Everything will be alright," said Weidenbach.

Still in disbelief, it's a fishing trip they won't soon forget.

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