Father's Day on the Gulf Coast

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - You can celebrate dad any day, but it never hurts to have a day set aside for him. The Gulf Coast was a popular Father's Day spot for many this year.

Many beach-goers say the coast has been an excellent place to spend the holiday weekend. Kids splashed, ate, and just soaked up the sun with dad. Some visitors say the Mississippi Sound has been their Father's Day spot for years.

The Carson family loaded up their RV and headed to the beach, this year. They say this is their first time doing something like this, but they are enjoying it so far. They even had a Father's Day cake!

Food, family, and fun is all that was on the agenda for most people on Sunday, but how could you not enjoy your day with those three things.

Tons of people even took to social media to express their love for dad! View our Father's Day SLIDESHOW by clicking here.

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