Festival vendors hope event shows the good side of Moss Point

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Centered in a quite neighborhood is Sue Ellen Park in Moss Point is where the Cultural Arts and Heritage festival was held. In the park the fun was anything, but quite.

The laughter of children on bounce houses and smells of grilled food filled the air creating a relaxing environment for festival-goers. Caramel covered apples and chili cheese fries were popular treats sold at the festival. Various organizations and businesses brought in material promoting themselves.

One of those organizations was the Purple Knights of America Incorporated. The group focuses on mentoring young boys ages 11 through 18.

"So many times this community is always put out there as being a very negative community. And we have a lot of people in this community who are trying to do great things for the city," Purple Knights representative Robin Morris said.

The Purple Knights of America have been taking part in the event for the past three years.

"Anytime you bring the community together, I think it's a positive thing. Specifically for the young kids. I'm only 21, but I enjoy being together with the community," Purple Knights of America Incorp. CEO Jeremy Anderson said.

Vendors hope to see more events like these in Moss Point.

"It's like a family reunion in a sense. There's something for the kids the adults just everybody," said Mijisha Butts with African American Shipbuilding at Ingalls.

There were also a variety of local and regional musical acts performing Rap, R&B and Blues music. The Do Better Divas came early in the fest and emphasized health.

"They have a mission to do better and that's to become more healthy and show some of their routines," Morris explained.

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