Moss Point Alumni Helping Students Achieve

As the Moss Point High School Alma Mata plays, 1994 graduate Antawn McCullum shares his memories.

Memories, he says, of the outstanding teachers he had while in school.

McCullum says these teachers cared so much they stopped at nothing to make him succeed.

"I would have not gone to High School, I would have not finished high school, I would not have gone to college," McCullum says.

McCullum says today's students need more teachers like that.

That's why he along with some of his fellow alumni classmates established the Leaders and Achievers Organization.

The goal, he says, is to get more of the community involved in the school.

"So what can we do to help?" a man asked from the crowd.

Among the many ideas, the group is organizing a new mentoring program.

It will link students up with adults throughout the community who are already in the workforce.

"Say you want to be a nurse. Well we have somebody from Moss Point High School who is a nurse, so let me give you their number so you can contact them and talk to them," McCullum says.

McCullum hopes this new effort will help both the students and the school district perform at a higher level, after the district posted the lowest test scores in Jackson County last year.

"Smart people are here. They don't make high test scores, but they achieve. They are achievers," Marshall says.

As this Moss Point native says, achieving is the main point of an education. And helping each Moss Point student to do just that is what this new alumni group hopes to accomplish.