Hurricane Frances Evacuees Seek Shelter In Mississippi

"Jello with pineapple and they have some mandarin oranges," Jocelyn Erickson says say she thumbs through her food.

Those are just a few of the items in Jocelyn Erickson's new refrigerator, her ice chest.

This Florida native is used to packing up to get away from storms.

"Get away from Hurricane Frances because we just had Charley go through Punta Gorda just north of us, and that was a disaster. We've had a lot of destruction down there. It just looked like somebody shredded baby diapers everywhere," Erickson says.

Chris Armstrong and his family are also escaping the hurricane. Although the family lives an hour from the beach in Orlando, Armstrong didn't want to take any chances.

"It's a big powerful storm and they told us to leave or that we probably should leave. We had trees around the house and didn't want to be there when they fall down. Tornados could also be a problem," Armstrong say.

Hundreds of cars from Florida have pulled of I-10 trying to find out if they can finally stop driving.

Here at the Mississippi Welcome center, visors looking for a place to stay can pick up magazines like these with all sorts of hotel information.

The problem is this weekend magazines like these won't help.

Most of the hotels on the gulf coast are already full.

"Biloxi is almost full, Gulfport is just about full, Moss Point is where we've been booking a lot of people,"Dianne Martin from the Mississippi Welcome Center says.

But Martin says those rooms will be gone soon.

"Pineapples! we've got dog food for Zack too," Erickson says.

So those who come along after Jocelyn Erickson may not have many choices.