WLOX Editorial: The best Father's Day gifts are time & attention

There are 15,000 hardware stores where you can buy a hammer, a screwdriver or other tools. There are 7,000 places to buy a neck tie. 21,000 sporting goods stores to get a fishing rod or golf clubs.  And according to the Census Bureau, 79 million Americans participated in a barbecue over the course of a year.

We think it's safe to assume plenty of those took place on Father's day for the 70 million fathers in America. You may choose to buy your father a fishing rod, a hammer or a neck tie or even put on a barbecue. Those are all great ideas because they come from children.

But speaking for fathers, what we want most is a little of your time and attention. That's what's makes everyday truly a Happy Father's day.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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